my summary of the cloud chart.

my summary is on the cloud chart that we did. i konw that i had alot of questions, but i get the topic now. there is just one question that i have to ask. Was that activity for us to know to let us see the the clouds that might be in thre troposphere or other layers. Also, the cirrus clouds are the clouds that are made of ice crystals. The stratus clouds are clouds that cover most of the sky. The cumunolibus are the clouds that produce thunderstorms. The cumulus cloud are clouds that mean fair weather. i just want to let you now that i did that with out looking at any notes.

favourites blog #3

Now for my last favourites blog and it is on my favorite animal. I would have to say that dogs are my favorite animal because I have a boxer and I used to have a german sheppard chow mix. I also like dogs because they are more playful than most animals that people have. And my last reason is because they can protect your family and I can tell you that a cat or gerbil can’t protect you either.

how my life is creative/blog 7

my life is very creative. I play the guitar and the flute. One time i made my own music and it sounded like something mozart would compose. Also, I go to my grandma’s house and we get guitar lessons and we draw all sort of random stuff. It goes from logos to birds to flowers to all sorts of random stuff. Also, I’m trying out for the oboe which is way more creative than the flute because, you can make better sounding music.I’m also a great writer.I remember in 5th grade i was the best writer in my class. So that’s how my life is creative.